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A Lesbian Couple Got Engaged on the Bachelor in Paradise Finale

A Lesbian Couple Got Engaged on the Bachelor in Paradise Finale

A Lesbian Couple Got Engaged on the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Finale

Love wins!

This year the Bachelor franchise finally introduced its first ever queer contestant Demi Burnett, who couldn't keep her mind on the other Bachelor in Paradise contestants because of a romance she'd left behind at home. Producers quickly fixed that by flying her boo, Kristian Haggerty, out to Mexico so they could reconnect. After Tuesday's finale, we know the gambit worked because the ladies are now engaged!

"Demi, you changed my life forever," Haggerty said as the two held hands on the beach. "I think back to the first time we kissed and it felt like the whole world had stopped. ... I'm in love with you and I give you my full heart. I promise to protect yours, now and forever."

Burnett admitted that their situation has been tough. "I never knew that someone could be that patient. ... There were a lot of things that came between us, mostly myself and my own struggles. Like you said, I came here to find myself. But I found myself in you."

Are you crying yet?

"I'm so in love with you and I didn't even think it was possible to feel this way about someone," Burnett added, before getting down on one knee and asking Haggerty to marry her.

Britney later explained to The Hollywood Reporter that while she knew what it meant to be the Bachelor's first same-sex couple, the pair wasn't thinking of the significance of that at the time." She said, "It was just about us loving each other and that's really what the focus was."

Bachelor host Chris Harrison told THR earlier this year that he didn't believe the show would ever be ready for a LGBTQ+ bachelor, explaining that the longrunning reality program "doesn't create and drive social issues."

"We're a microcosm of what's happening in the world," he added. "We're all evolving and getting more intelligent, and our eyes are opening in a lot of ways. I'm not going to say we're changing the world -- it's an entertainment show, so let's stay in our lane a little bit. But I am proud of the fact that we aren't afraid of these social issues and are pushing these issues a little bit, and hopefully we do our part in raising the level of debate. And like society, our show will continue to evolve as well."

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