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Watch Billy Eichner and Chris Evans Run Around NYC With Lesbian Posse

Watch Billy Eichner and Chris Evans Run Around NYC With Lesbian Posse

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Billy on the Street and the show’s new home on Netflix, comedian and actor Billy Eichner was joined by Captain America himself — aka Chris Evans — for its newest installment. Have you ever wanted to watch a very loud gay man interrogate a woman on whether she’s rather have sex swith  Evans or Paul Rudd (who made a special and possibly unplanned cameo) as they stand in front of her? Well, you’re in luck, because that happens!

Evans, who is promoting his Thanksgiving murder mystery movie Knives Out, joined Eichner for a scenic fall stroll around New York City, terrorizing random bystanders en masse. During their walk, Eichner demanded that passersby congratulate him on the show’s anniversary while making it clear he’d have no problem moving from Netflix to Disney+ for the right price. 

“Give me $100 I’ll take these episodes to Disney+ right now,” he screamed. “I have no allegiance!”

Eichner also asked one man to sign a petition “to remove Kevin Spacey from homosexuality and add Chris Evans.” Now that is a cause we can all get behind! And for the episode’s climax, Eichner confronted Evans with his “worst nightmare: a bunch of lesbians who don’t care that he’s hot,” in a shot reminiscent of an Avengers trailer.

Evans and Eichner running through the streets with a posse of lesbians is an instant Billy on the Street classic, joining moments like Kate McKinnon pretending to be Reese Witherspoon, Julianne Moore performing her Magnolia monologue for a fan, and attempting to bully Emma Stone into joining Instagram. Talk about a canon!

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