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The Switch: First Scripted TV Show with a Trans Lead


Seven years ago, we asked, "How do we make and deliver transgender media that doesn’t suck?" writes trans showrunner Amy Fox in a self-penned Huff Post article. Fox noticed that TV shows and films depicting the lives of trans people were on the rise (Transparent, Dallas Buyers Club), but was frustrated by the lack of trans actors in these productions.

“So we decided to make a show that actually reflected our lives... plus a bunch of stuff we made up,” Fox writes.

The finished product is The Switch, a sitcom about a trans woman, Su, who is fired after coming out at her office in the United States and decides to start her life over in Canada. It stars wrestler Nyla Rose, and it is the first scripted show with a trans lead.

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“These are our stories, told by people who know the lived truth of those stories, and who give a damn about great performances,” writes Fox.

The series, which follows Su’s life in a world abound with questionable boyfriends, eco-terrorists, and sci-fi hallucination, is produced by Trembling Void Studios, a company whose mission is “finding tales to tell that bring truth and meaning to the world.”

The Switch can be viewed on Vimeo and Revry. It will be available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon later this summer. Watch a trailer, below. 

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