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All Stars Round Table: Corporate Climbers

All Stars Round Table: Corporate Climbers

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars
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Also: Choices.

Sometimes the best moments of RuPaul's Drag Race are when a bar full of fans end the episode by yelling at the TV screen. That moment happened Thursday night when the top six became the top five after top All-Star Alaska sent home returning queen Tatianna over Roxxxy Andrews.

The elimination wasn't the only highlight from the night in an episode that saw the return of the mini-challenge, a Shark Tank-style marketing challenges, and pants on the runway.

Travel editor Brandon Presser, associate editor Les Fabian Brathwaite, and assistant editor Glenn Garner talk their favorite moments from the episode.

Who else is glad the mini-challenges have finally returned?

Brandon Presser: Right off the bat there were two things that made this episode way better: the mini challenge was a fun way to break up the action with some mindless fun (Giuliani should close those bulges down) and Phi Phi's finally gone home. I love just watching the girls have fun and out-shade each other.

Glenn Garner: The Butt Butt golf was hilarious. All those balls in holes and the masked Pit Crew boys were giving me palpitations. Those poor boys probably felt so violated.

Les Fabian Brathwaite: My only question--when is the Out team planning a retreat to play Butt Butt Golf?

All right, all right, let's talk the maxi-challenge. Were you buying what the queens were selling?

LFB: Alaska and Katya had the best and most "on-brand" ads, both certifiably insane, but also just more clever than the other girls.

BP: I'm so glad that Katya stuck with her instincts and went with the thorazine misting spray--it really paid off and her commercial the perfect blend of Katya quirk that makes her one of the best queens in Drag Race her-story.

GG: I love Katya, but she seriously should have taken Marc Lemonis's advice. I feel like she's not taking this seriously enough to win, just riding along on her quirkiness which might not be enough.

LFB: I'm going to start calling Roxxxy "Laurels" because she's resting on them. One wig reveal does not an All-Star make. No matter how epic it is. Stop relying on that wig reveal, Ms. Andrews!

BP: I liked Tatianna's merch in theory and wanted so badly for her commercial to be perfect, but there was something slightly lacking--like she wasn't bitchy enough or maybe her reads weren't as stinging as they should have been. We all say way worse things about our best bitches, right?

GG: Roxxxy's wig reveal blooper basically sums up this season up until last week.

The runway look was--pants. Did the queens pull it off?

LFB: Pants on the runway! Pants on the runway! Pants on the run-run-runway! I always love a runway pant when it is done--RIGHT. See: Detox's latex look from episode one. See also: any jumpsuit.

GG: Roxxxy's afro stayed on, so she did something right.

LFB: While I loved the Beyonce-in-"Goldmember" afro, Roxxxy lost me at the TJ Maxxxy bell bottom.

BP: I'm cutting right to the chase: Tatianna for the win! That look--and the dance--was on point. Good for you Tati! I knew you had more in you than just resting on pretty.

LFB: Tatianna, though--COME THROUGH, T-BOZ! That TLC tip was a stroke of genius and she deserved to stay based solely on that.

Were you, like a lot of fans, let down by that elimination?

BP: I am shocked that Tatianna went home. Shocked I tell you, shocked! I want to find her and give her some TLC (see what I did there?). Even the producers set it up nicely for Roxxxy to go home. She seemed over it, and resigned to going home.

GG: Tatianna cannot leave. She deserved to come back and the only way she should have left was in a body bag. OK, that might be a bit dramatic. I love Roxxxy but she needs to step aside and let the big girls play.

LFB: I can't even describe how disappointed I am in Alaska. Like, really girl? I really thought the RoLaskaTox moment in the workroom was cute, but now it just seems shady. Tatianna still managed to exit the competition on a high note. I'm gonna say it, I'm a fan. I was rooting for her. I remember her from season two because I'm an OG Drag Racer and I wasn't here for any of her shenanigans. After this season, though, I'm present and accounted for. That's a comeback, kids.

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