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Must-Watch: Search Party, A Comedy-Mystery Series Set In Bourgeois Brooklyn 

Must-Watch: Search Party, A Comedy-Mystery Series Set In Bourgeois Brooklyn

Search Party

The new TBS comedy is Girls meets NancyDrew.

Courtesy of Turner Broadcasting Systems.

"Your 20s are like dog years," says Search Party co-creator Charles Rogers. "Every year is seven years of psychological development." Rogers considers millennial angst some of the richest fodder for modern comedy, and so his new TBS series, which unfolds in bourgeois Brooklyn, tackles just that. It's familiar TV territory -- until things get weird. Search Party follows Dory (Alia Shawkat, above), a defeated college grad and human punching bag who's told in a job interview she's "not even equipped to teach tic-tac-toe." Seeking an escape from her mouth-breathing boyfriend (John Reynolds) and toxic, superficial friends (in another fabulously foul performance, John Early is the most insufferable gay at the party), Dory throws herself into investigating the disappearance of Chantal Witherbottom, a former classmate who vanishes after a bridal shower in Chappaqua. The amateur sleuthing seems like a lark at first, but it gradually takes the story to darker, scarier, and funnier places, one of which involves a run-in with original party girl Parker Posey, who plays a suspicious boutique owner. "She came on set with her tiny dog Gracie in her arms," says Rogers. "It was bizarrely surreal." Much like the show itself.

Search Party premieres November 21.

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