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5 Things You Won't See on the Drag Race Finale Tonight

5 Things You Won't See on the Drag Race Finale Tonight

RuPaul's Drag Race

Not every strut was captured in one take.

The world won't know who takes the RuPaul's Drag Race season 7 crown until the finale airs tonight, but the queens have already vented out their grievances, cried to their emotional clips packages, and strutted their stuff for one last lip sync during the taping at L.A.'s Orpheum Theater.

It was an emotional night for sure, and most will air on Logo, but there's so much happening during the marathon 5-hour taping that it can't all make it onto TV. Here, five things that you won't see on tonight's sickening finale.

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Pearl was over her bra before the night barely began. The top three queens were hustled down the red carpet as a unit, but began unraveling by the end as fans pushed closer to the press line and they were eager to get backstage to get the show on the road. During the crush we caught up with Pearl, who joked that what she was most looking forward to that night was taking off her bra.

The pre-show was more exciting than the actual show. You can see clips online, but Logo won't be airing the fantastic pre-show hosted by Bianca Del Rio. "Sorry we're running behind," the reigning queen quipped. "We were waiting on some talent--just like we were all season 7." The show featured performances from The House of Edwards, and Adore Delano, who unfortunately got her glasses stuck in her wig early on and transformed her number into more of a comedy piece.

Someone done messed up the cue cards. A long stretch early in the show suffered from some missing cue card drama. Someone kept handing the stage manager the wrong stack, or in the wrong order, and Ru had to keep restarting her takes. Ru's response? "Fuck me harder please." We feel you, momma.

Everyone losing their minds for Katya. Even though she only made it to top five, when Katya rolled into the theater in a black and white stripe plus red sequin caped jumpsuit (say that five times fast) the audience members collectively lost their minds. Her screams might have even drowned out the shouts for the top three. There's even a moment that should make the show, where Ru pulls a funny gag playing on Katya's intense fandom.

All three endings. That's right, we haven't all been keeping secrets really well since the show taped two weeks ago. After five hours of filming, Ru led us right to the pivotal moment before laughing at us for thinking we'd get to know the winner. All three queens took turns parading with the crown. Ginger went first, then Pearl, then Violett. They won't know for real until the episode airs today, but we'll make a prediction now that Violett takes the crown. Something just felt right during her run. But we won't know for sure until it air on Logo tonight, Monday June 1st, at 9PM/8c.

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