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Here's Your New Bottoming Emoji, According to Courtney Act

courtney act emojis

No more arrows or peaches, you guys.

Courtney Act has done a lot of things. She's been on Australian Idol. She appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race. She won Celebrity Big Brother. She hosted The Bi Life. She was robbed on Dancing With the Stars Australia. She clearly understands reality, because she's done reality television so much.

And on Wednesday, Courtney Act decided to get very real with her followers on Twitter about a very important subject. She wanted to talk about emoji, which are a totally valid form of communication. According to a recent study, emoji usage allowed participants "to develop greater intimacy with their partners." This led to second dates and even sexual activity.

But if we are going to be using emojis to communicate -- and even hook up -- it's important that we are all on the same page about what they mean. Courtney Act had some thoughts on the subject.

"This is the new emoji for bottoming," she informed Twitter. The graphic of choice? The one of the guy bowing. I -- OK.

I know you all have used the arrow keys to indicate your sexual position for eons now (I always did truly love the diagonal ones the most), but this is a new world order. No peaches on the timeline or in your bios anymore. We all know that he didn't eat the peach, and that's not a world that any of us want to live in. It's all about this emoji now. This is the one for bottoms.

Act didn't feel the need to expound on the tweet, which is her right! But that does mean, as of now, we have no confirmation for why the bottom is kneeling, or what a vers bottom, vers top, top, or even a side looks like in this brave new world.

But maybe it doesn't matter! Maybe here, in this new gay culture, bottoms are the only one with representation. Would that be so bad?

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