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Gay Couple Cuddles Up in Latest iPhone 7 Ad

Apple iPhone 7 ad

The couple that selfies together, stays together, according to the latest Apple commerical for the iPhone 7.

The tech giant announced the latest generation of best-selling smartphones during an annual news conference Wednesday. Openly gay CEO Tim Cook introduced the new features of the phone, including an improved camera, water-resistant casing, and wireless headphones.

However, what caught most Apple fans' eyes Thursday morning was a new ad for the phone that features a particularly cuddly same-sex couple. 

The two young men are shown sitting close together on a subway train as they browse the web and take pictures.

Cook and Apple have developed more LGBT-friendly outreach both as a company and a brand. The CEO told The Washington Post that he wanted to help show others when he came out in 2015 that being gay "is not a limiter."

Watch the full ad below (skip to 1:53 for a glimpse at the couple).

Tags: Tech, lgbt

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