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Taylor Zakhar Perez says Nicholas Galitzine's sexuality is 'no one's business'

Red, White & Royal Blue star Taylor Zakhar Perez is sick of people asking Nicholas Galitzine about his sexuality.

17 times male celebrities had to say they weren't gay

These famous men had to set the record straight when it came to their sexualities.

Noah Beck claps back at people who assumed he's gay for hugging a male friend

Let men hug their friends in peace!!!

Adult Entertainers Spill on Why They Joined the Industry (And How Long They Plan to Stay)

How long will your favorite guys keep creating content?

Billie Eilish Says She Is 'Physically Attracted' to Women

The Grammy- and Oscar-winning popstar made the revelation in a recent cover story for Variety.

Jason Mraz Is Done 'Broadcasting As Hetero' – And We're So Here For It

The singer came out as bisexual a few years ago and is now ready to fully embrace his queer identity.

Keke Palmer Reminds People That Yes, She's Queer

The beloved actress is opening up about her sexuality even more in a recent podcast interview.

Jasmin Savoy Brown Is Right: Lesbians Can (And Do) Sleep With Trans Men

On the internet it may be “contradictory” for a lesbian to date or sleep with a trans man, but in real life, it happens every day.

Erectile Dysfunction Gel Approved for Over the Counter Use

No comment on the new treatment’s name.

'The Last of Us' Star Bella Ramsey Comes Out: 'I'm Not 100% Straight'

The nonbinary actor opened up about their sexuality in a new interview.

Keke Palmer Opens Up About Her Sexuality During Awards Speech

The beloved actress took home the Vanguard Award at the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s annual gala over the weekend.