World’s Strongest Man Lifts Tom Daley Like It’s Nothing

Tom Daley, Eddie Hall

Men just can’t seem to keep their hands off Tom Daley. While doing red carpet commentary for Radio 1 Xtra at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards, it looked like Eddie Hall, the world’s strongest man, was going to give the British diver a flying lesson when he lifted him above his head. 

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After some pressing from Daley and his cohost, Hall admitted that he may rip his shirt during the stunt after Daley shared his weight with the lifter. “I can stay really tight, I promise,” Daley said while emptying his pockets. After Hall explained to Daley what he was going to do, the diver jumped on this shoulder before being lifted above his head one-handed.

When asked how he felt, Daley didn’t mince words. “I’m terrified!” he yelled, as Hall slowly spun him around before placing him back on the ground. “Crikey,” was the only word Daley could find the breath for once everything was over. Watch, below. 

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