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Out Magazine Is Now Part of an LGBTQ+ Company; Meet the Owners

Out Magazine Is Now Part of an LGBTQ+ Company; Meet the Owners

Michael, Diane, Mark

Mark Berryhill and Michael Kelley, the owners of equalpride, share a letter with Out readers.

Dear Out family,

We're writing today with some wonderful news for our LGBTQ+ community as well as women and people of color. We are pleased to tell you that Out and all of its assets have been acquired and are now operated by an LGBTQ+ certified company, equalpride! Along with Out Traveler, The Advocate, and Plus magazines and, Out is now part of equalpride, the leading LGBTQ+ voice reaching more than 90 percent of the queer media audience every month across digital, social, TV, print, experiential and soon, a streaming TV channel!

We are Mark Berryhill and Michael Kelley, and we are honored to be among the LGBTQ+ principal owners of equalpride. Additionally, Mark serves as chief executive officer and board member and Michael serves as board chair and president of Global Growth and Development. We're thrilled Diane Anderson-Minshall continues with us as global chief content officer and president, to lead our editorial teams and help grow these brands with amazing LGBTQ+ reporting and storytelling. Equalpride is more than just our name: it's our mission for everyone to know and feel pride, equally. We are listening to you -- our community -- and no doubt you'll see a wonderful evolution of this media voice for issues, lifestyle, better living, and equality content for our LGBTQ+ community.

To help support our LGBTQ+ voice, we ask you to continue to provide feedback on how our voice can be even more relevant to your lives. We ask you to follow all our equalpride brands on social including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter (and soon Snapchat and TikTok!), and visit our sites daily for information, inspiration, motivation, and aspiration through trending topics that impact our community. And, we ask you to support our diverse voice by subscribing to our print magazines, then donate the read copies to our vulnerable and rising youth at LGBTQ+ centers, affirming churches, accepting school groups, libraries, and more. For further information, please visit

In our current political climate, our voices must all unite to continue the fight for equality and inclusion in our country, in every state. LGBTQ+ media is critical to this battle. We hope you'll help us spread the word.

Exciting changes are coming, and we'll keep you informed and proud. Take pride in this new chapter; take equalpride.

Thank you for your support and contribution,

Mark Berryhill, Michael Kelley and the equalpride family

This article is part of Out's September/October 2022 issue, out on newsstands August 30. Support queer media and subscribe -- or download the issue through Amazon, Kindle, Nook, or Apple News.

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