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Emily Estefan Is the Genre Bending Singer Worth Betting On

Emily Estefan performng

This talented daughter of musical legends charts her own beautiful path.

Emily Estefan is an artist. Sure, that can be said of any multitude of singers and musicians, but what strikes me as most astonishing about this young singer's course is how aggressively--fiercely-- she's taken that path without regard for naysayers or doubters. And it's a wonder to behold.

As her surname gives away, Emily is the youngest child of Cuban musical icons Emilio and Gloria Estefan. The resemblance in physical appearance and vocal tone to her superstar mother are undeniable, but that's precisely why Emily's choices are so stark, daring even. She's decidedly not a pop singer, though she certainly could be. Her latest album, Take Whatever You Want, is exhibit A in the wondrous (and sometimes frustrating) exercise in trying to describe, let alone categorize, Emily's musical choices into a tidy box. She ain't playing that game.

The young Estefan's live performances are already the stuff of legend--check out Emily's astonishing surprise performance in 2017 at the Kennedy Center Honors for her mom--and her future is clearly limitless. It's exciting to hop on the Emily Estefan Express, with wild twists and turns sure to follow. The lesbian singer also headlined last year's Miami Beach Pride festival.

There are very few sure bets in the music business, but I'm willing to go all in and put my money on Emily Estefan. Talented? Sure. Fearless? That's the ticket. That's an artist worth betting on.

For the uninitiated, how would you describe your music?

I get this question a lot, I never know how to answer except to say...fusion! Fusion of genres, thoughts, and energy. Energy between me and the listeners. Whatever you take away from my music, whether lighthearted or more profound, that is what my music is--whatever you need it to be.

Career highlight so far? The dream, career-wise, would be what?

I've been fortunate enough to be a part of many incredible and personal musical moments. They range from televised celebrations for Quincy Jones to intimate family party jam sessions. But I'd say one of my top career highlights so far would be playing the first press of my first album on vinyl for the first time. I was alone and extremely connected to the music and the present. I haven't had a moment like that since. My dream career is making people happy, making music, and growing as a human being until I expire on this planet.

What's your next project this year?

It's been a couple of years since I've had a big release, and I'm gearing up for some new music and art. I'm also very excited to be a part of the new Red Table Talk [with Jada Pinkett Smith] series, and a couple of other little secrets in the works. How was your experience being the headliner at Miami Beach Pride last year? It was a blast! It's so important to continue to bring live music and love to Miami Beach, and it truly felt like a beautiful celebration of life and love in any and all colors.

Are you comfortable with the label "role model"?

I'd say it's a responsibility more than a label, and I take it very seriously. If anyone were to ever look up to me enough to call me a role model, I'd try my very best to be my best self and serve humanity as we all should when we're in positions of leadership.

In a word, what's the state of the world today?

Fear. And fear is the opposite of love. Fear turns into hate, violence, pain, and suffering. Pure misunderstanding. That's why I wish to fuel my art with love, to help heal the world in any way I can.

Can music truly heal the world?

Yes, because ultimately music can be true unity in my mind. And together, there are very few things we can't do on this earth. Most important thing we should know about you. I strive to never stop learning and apply what I learn on my journey to everything I leave behind on this earth. Peace, love, and good vibes all day.

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