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Spilling the Tea

Miss Shalae on Becoming a Top Tribute Artist and Embracing JUVEDERM

Miss Shalae aka Michell'e shares her inspiring story.

Yuriel Young -- also known as Miss Shalae aka Michell'e -- is one of the world's most sought-after tribute artists. But she couldn't have reached these heights alone.

In an interview for Out's "Spilling the Tea on Me" series, Shalae reveals that it was the LGBTQ+ community that helped the transgender creative nurture her passions for dance and performance.

"When I found my community, which is ballroom and the LGBT center, where people were expressing [themselves] creatively, that's when I knew I found my tribe and I needed to be here in order to be me," Shalae says. "Because I had the freedom to literally express myself through creativity, through movement, and that was really the big game-changer because these people spoke my language. I believe that just being my authentic self, the barriers come down."

Today, as a Black trans entertainer in the public spotlight, Shalae is excited to help break down barriers for others as a possibility model. "It's important for young kids to see that you can be successful, you can live your life out loud, you are safe, you're loved, you're worthy, and you're not alone," she says.

In addition to cultivating inner strength throughout her transition, Shalae found beauty with help from JUVEDERM(r) Ultra XC. The product added "fullness to my lips, which was one of many needs that I wanted to address as part of my transition to complete myself and ultimately be happy," she says.

Below, Shalae talks more about the life-changing treatment.

What prompted your decision to seek a JUVEDERM(r) consultation?
What prompted my decision to seek a JUVEDERM(r) consultation was understanding that JUVEDERM(r) Ultra XC could help add fullness to my lips. It was one of many needs that I needed to address.

What were you most surprised by after you were treated with JUVEDERM(r)?
After I was treated with JUVEDERM(r) Ultra XC, I was so surprised at how full and soft my lips were.

What do you like about JUVEDERM(r)?
I love going in for my touch-ups with my licensed specialist. I like that with the JUVEDERM(r) Collection of Fillers, there are different products for different needs.

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