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Some Girl Sat Next to My Husband, Timothée Chalamet, on a Plane

Some Girl Sat Next to My Husband, Timothée Chalamet, on a Plane

Some Girl Sat Next to My Husband Timothée Chalamet on a Plane

She asked him why he was flying economy.

Every time I board a plane, I have a miniature panic attack centered around the pressing terror that whoever I sit next to will try to talk to me (ew). But never before have I considered that person could be someone I want to talk to. But reader, I am currently booking as many flights as I can in the hopes that I will one day wind up sitting next to my husband, Timothee Chalamet, because that is exactly what happened to some bitch on Twitter who I'm literally going to sue.

Twitter user Alankrutha shared a thread on Tuesday that detailed her encounter with the future father of my children, writing that she'd "sat next to @RealChalamet on a 3 hour flight and we CHATTED FOR AN HOUR."

Upon entering the plane, Alankrutha saw "a tall, lanky dude in front of me wearing a hoodie...I look up to see an actual angel and alarm bells in my head go off immediately." Yes, this happens to me every time I watch Timmy compilation videos on YouTube.

Alankrutha attempted to confirm her suspicions by telling Timothee Chalamet he looked just like Timothee Chalamet, to which he responded, "I get that a lot." Eventually, she had to bust him.

With his identity revealed, Chalamet processed to answer Alankrutha's pressing questions:

Surprisingly, she didn't ask him for his phone number or intimate details about Armie Hammer -- not an ally. They chatted more, with sweet sweet Timmy asking insightful questions about Alankrutha's job and where she grew up. Unfortunately, he did not ask her for my number which, I guess, is fine because she didn't have it (because she and I have never met). They also talked about The Office which, I'm told, some people love. And in the midst of their conversation, Chalamet name-dropped Armie Hammer: gay lovers confirmed (just kidding, please don't sue us).

The new friends took a selfie together and Chalamet told his seatmate that she was the only person who'd recognized him his entire journey -- what is wrong with you people?

The moral of the story is that if you fly, you might at some point sit next to a celebrity, and that celebrity might be Timothee Chalamet. And if it is, and you don't give him my number, you are homophobic and I'm calling my lawyer.

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