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Kevin and Moose Will Date in Season 3 of Riverdale But It’s “Complicated”

Kevin and Moose Will Date in Riverdale But It’s “Complicated"

Anyone who’s from a small, rural town can empathize with Kevin Keller on Riverdale. The high school senior is the only openly gay man at his school, in a town where there seems to be zero other gay men.

That’s why the season two finale of Riverdale, which featured a passionate kiss between Kevin and football star Moose riled up viewers.

But the Riverdale writers left Kevin and Moose’s relationship on a vague note. Moose is closeted, and still mourning the loss of his girlfriend who was recently murdered, so could the two hunks ever actually be together?

The answer, according to actor Casey Cott (who plays Kevin) is yes, but it’s going to be “complicated.”

In an interview with TVLine, Cott said, “We are dating in season three, so it’s fun to start off with that and explore that with Moose."

In a town where everything is dramatic and complicated, we can only hope that their relationship will be a little bit easier than every single one of their other endeavours.

Season 3 of Riverdale debuts on Netflix October 10. Watch the new trailer below!

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