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Bob the Drag Queen Weighs in On Azealia Banks vs. RuPaul (Watch)

Bob the Drag Queen Weighs in On Azealia Banks vs. RuPaul (Watch)

Azealia Banks' feud with RuPaul and the queens of Drag Race is showing no signs of slowing down, even with the rapper suspended from Twitter. Multiple queens have come forward to voice their support for RuPaul and to chastise Banks for biting the hand that feeds her (the gays). The latest to weigh in on the drama is season eight winner Bob the Drag Queen, who yesterday uploaded a YouTube video called "Dear Ms. Banks" in which he reads the rapper to the beat of RuPaul's "Read U Wrote U."

"You attack women and queers and other blacks," raps Bob, going on to bring up Banks' problematic past of 'preferring old white men' and her support of Donald Trump's presidential campaign. "You take our music, our clothes our rags and shit, get on a plane turn around and call us fags and shit...You're not a color on the flag you're a mother fucking stain."

Watch Bob the Drag Queen's "Dear Ms. Banks" video below. 

Bob followed up with a series of tweets making it clear that whole Banks may identify as bisexual, he believes she's done more harm for the community than good.

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