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Watch Billy Eichner & Lin-Manuel Miranda Harass People About Moana

Watch Billy Eichner & Lin-Manuel Miranda Harass People About ‘Moana’

According to Billy Eichner, Lin-Manuel Miranda is “like if Pitbull went to Vassar,” which is so accurate it should be on his IMDB page. Miranda, hot on the Mary Poppins Returns press tour, joins Eichner in the latest episode of Billy on the Street as the comedian and American Horror Story star to accost random bystanders in New York City.

Eichner asks strangers if Miranda inspires them and says Moana was “not realistic.” One woman is actually listening to the Hamilton soundtrack when they stop her and another is a Garfield fan artist whose work was in a book Miranda worked on. While many of the interactions are surprisingly sweet for Billy on the Street, several unsuspecting citizens actually flee from Eichner in terror, which is relatable when you think about being screamed at by a tall man with a microphone on the street. He should have offered them Hamilton tickets.

Speaking of which, one woman has a bone to pick with the Tony winner: “I apply like every day on the stupid app to win tickets and I never do, so you’re out of sight and out of mind because I’ll never ever see that show!”

“You tell ‘em, bitch!!” screams Eichner.

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