Ariana Grande Just Confirmed Pete Davidson’s Big Dick Energy

Ariana Grande Just Confirmed Pete Davidson’s Big Dick Energy

In case you missed it this summer, Ariana Grande confirmed once again that Pete Davidson is hung in her earth-shattering “thank u, next” music video. The video, as we’re all well aware, reimagines iconic romantic comedies like Mean Girls, Legally Blonde and Bring It On. In one scene, as Grande channels Regina George, she flips through her very own Burn Book, reminiscing about her various exes.

As she lands on Pete Davidson’s page, there’s a big reveal: "HUUUUUGE."

Later in the video, during a scene referencing Legally Blonde, Grande chats with Jennifer Coolidge about an unnamed ex, telling her, “It was really big.” It’s revealed they’re talking about his teeth — which, burn — but we all know what she’s really talking about.

It’s not like this is surprising news. I mean, just look at Pete Davidson. But Ariana talking about her ex’s dick in her instantly-legendary music video? That’s Big Dick Energy. Ariana remains our favorite top.

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