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Azealia Banks & Lana Del Rey Duke It Out On Twitter

Azealia Banks & Lana Del Rey Duke It Out On Twitter

Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks won't be making up anytime soon following their beef over Kanye West's MAGA hat. In fact, things got even uglier this week when the "Venice Bitch" singer invited the rapper over to her house — but only if shes cruisin' for a bruisin'. After Del Rey publicly called out West for his pro-Trump SNL rant and subsequent Instagram post, Banks suggested she "apologize to Kanye West immediately.” On Tuesday, Del Rey made it clear she was ready to settle the score in person.



Banks then further escalated their catfight by dragging Del Rey's appearance and rumored plastic surgery.



In Banks own words: the girls are fighting! Stan Twitter is understandably torn over two of their faves coming for each other so publicly — although they can always be counted on to turn drama into quality meme content.

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