WATCH: Tom Arnold and Dean Cain Argue Over the Right's Homophobic Track Record

tom arnold

Dean Cain recently came under fire for speaking at an event held by the Family Research Council, classified a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Although he defended himself, saying he supports gay rights and is pro-choice, he seemed to bash those groups during his speech.

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Fellow '90s TV star, Tom Arnold took aim at Cain via Twitter. A social media feud sparked between the two of them when Arnold called Cain "anti-LGBTQ & racist." Cain responded, calling Arnold a "cowardly, slanderous weasel."





It appears their Twitter fight has been brought to life. The Hollywood Reporter recently acquired footage of Arnold and Cain in a heated exchange, which took place Tuesday, backstage at Larry King's studio. Arnold can be seen calling out Cain's hypocrisy for supporting a party that stands against gay rights.

Unlike most Twitter feuds, this one actually ended with the pair hugging it out.

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