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Colton Haynes & Charlie Carver Return to Teen Wolf in a Relationship

Colton Haynes & Charlie Carver Return to Teen Wolf in a Relationship

Teen Wolf, Colton Haynes, Charlie Carver, Jackson Whittemore, Ethan

Ship name: #Jethan. 

It's been too long since Colton Haynes (Jackson Whittemore) and Charlie Carver (Ethan) strutted down the streets of Beacon Hills in MTV's Teen Wolf. When the pair showed up on their old stomping grounds in an early round of teaser photos for the show's final season, fans were overjoyed. But now that the pair, whose characters never had any direct interaction on the show, is finally making their big appearance in this Sunday's coming episode, fans are freaking out--and with good reason.

A new teasing clip opens on a dreary London street as Ethan (Carver) leaves clipped voicemails for an unidentified boyfriend about being late and forgetting their anniversary. After the third missed call a figure with a bag over his head is thrown into Ethan's apartment, right before he's promptly shot with a wolfsbane dart. After a gloating coo from one of the werewolf hunters mentioning a boyfriend, Ethan drops the keyword "kanima" (which Haynes' character used to be) and true Teen Wolf fans have their wide-eyed moment before the reveal is complete.

"It makes total sense," Haynes said to Entertainment Weekly of Jackson's newly revealed relationship. "That's why Jackson carried around that angst."

Of course showrunner Jeff Davis has had a gay or bisexual Jackson in his back pocket for years. "I thought, if Jackson comes back, he's coming back in a relationship with a guy," Davis told EW.

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Now among the many, many questions fans will have now, most of which will probably be answered off the record in copious works of fan fiction, the biggest one is: Why are they back in Beacon Hills? Watch the clip below, and watch the new episode this Sunday at 8/7c on MTV.

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