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Why is Drag Race the Only Drag Reality Show?

Why is Drag Race the Only Drag Reality Show?

Why is 'Drag Race' the Only Drag Reality Show?

We've got a few pitches for more drag reality programming. The Amazing Drag Race, anyone?

Season nine of RuPaul's Drag Race feels like it was everywhere, thanks to the show's new network, VH1. Drag is no longer the gays' best kept secret, it's out of the closet. With a voracious audience of queers, queens and teenage girls, there's more interest in drag queens than ever before, and that has me wondering: why stop at just one drag reality show? Here are a few pitches for a whole network's worth of drag queen content.

The Amazing Drag Race
Besides the possible legal issues with the name, this show is a no-brainer. Who doesn't want to see drag queens trying to keep their wigs on while they skydive? Maybe there could be some kind of RuPaul tie-in and the teams would be made up of Drag Race nemeses. They could pair Aja and Valentina...or Farrah and Valentina...or anyone from season nine and Valentina...

The Bachelor/ette
This one if Finding Prince Charming meets The Bachelor: five limousines full of hot guys are dropped off at a California mansion and introduced to a hunky suitor. There's a glamorous, well-lit cocktail party where each of the contestants tries to make a winning first impression. Then, the ball drops: the host tells them it's time to get sickening, and the men disappear only to re-emerge six hours later in full drag -- and the suitor is shocked! He is now dating an entire house full of queens!

I'm a Survivor/I Will Survive
...or any other title that rips off Survivor while making a very gay pop music reference. Twenty drag queens are dropped off on a deserted island and must compete in rigorous challenges like walking over a pit of hot coals -- in heels! Maybe they also need to make their own lipstick from berries they collect themselves, and the berries turn out to be poisonous? The possibilities are endless!

Network executives, I am waiting for your call! Although knowing RuPaul, all of these ideas are already trademarked and a lawsuit was put into motion the second this article was published.

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