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Lindsay Lohan Really Wants Britney, Paris & Beyoncé at Her Birthday Party

Lindsay Lohan Really Wants Britney, Paris & Beyoncé at Her Birthday Party

Lindsay Lohan

Will this iconic trio (plus Beyoncé) reunite to party like it's 2007? 

If you think perfection doesn't exist, you clearly didn't live through the golden age of pop culture. Ten years ago, the leaders of the free world weren't Presidents or Prime Ministers--they were named Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. These tragic heroes of the mid-2000s were an iconic trio and yes, they might've flown too close to the sun and burned off their wings, but time heals all wounds and what's old is new again.

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In the midst of nostalgia overloads--courtesy of Twin Peaks revivals and yet another Pirates of the Caribbean movie--a shining star has emerged in the form of a single Lindsay Lohan tweet. At 8:36 PM Tuesday night, LiLo sent the most awkwardly endearing birthday invitation of all time through her very public Twitter account.

The original red-haired starlet is well on her way to a comeback lately with a new lifestyle blog, called Preemium, a new TV show with Ron Weasley, and even a new accent. But, for her 31st birthday next week, Lohan just wants to throw it back to the past and party on the Greek island of Mykonos with her nice girls--and Beyonce.

Whether her former BFFs will accept the invite remains to be seen, but if it happens, it may be the most iconic resurrect of the past since Jesus came back for an encore. This particular era of pop culture, which confirmed that famous people can be hot messes and blackout with no underwear just like us, is an important milestone in American history--so much so that it's even produced at least one conspiracy theory.

In The Britney Lindsey Paris Conspiracy Hoax (2007), the trio's very public fall from grace is a fabricated web of lies and mind control we all became trapped in. The video offers 2:57 of premium, crazy content that's 2:47 too long but does come with a Scarface quote (complete with a bad Dominican accent) to cap it off: "You need people like me so you can point your finger and say, that's the bad guy."

A decade after these icons inspired conspiracy theorists to point their fingers and say "that's the bad guy," Lindsay Lohan is trying to turn it all around with her #nicegirls.

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