John Cameron Mitchell's How to Talk to Girls at Parties Explains Punk


Nothing quite beats a live-action adaptation of a Neil Gaiman story. Put John Cameron Mitchell behind the camera, and you've got a recipe for a masterpiece. Add Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning to the cast, and those are just the sprinkles on top.

Adapted from a short by Gaiman, How to Talk to Girls at Parties is a quirky film that blends punk and sci-fi for a perfect romantic comedy. Enn is a teen punk in '70s suburban London who crashes a party one night with his friends, Vic and John. There, they become enamored with a group of beautiful young women whose strange behavior leads the boys to think they're part of a cult. It turns out, the ladies are actually part of an alien colony with a nefarious plan, but Enn's infatuation with alien Zan (Fanning) throws a wrench in their plot.

In a new teaser for the film, Enn teaches Zan about punk. A short montage of adrenaline-fueled punk antics follows, with Nicole Kidman as alien-cum-punk, Queen Boadicea. "Do more punk to me," Fanning says.

How to Talk to Girls at Parties premieres at Cannes Film Festival. Watch the teaser, below:

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