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Katy Perry's 'Bon Appétit' Video Seems Uncannily Familiar

Bon Appétit

On Friday, Katy Perry released the video for her sultry track, "Bon Appétit", a sexy romp that sees Perry kneaded, basted, boiled and served up to a room of wealthy diners she later takes revenge on with the help of Migos, who are featured on the track.

The video is stylish, funny... and hauntingly familiar. We couldn't help but draw some comparisons between "Bon Appétit" and Lady Gaga's game-changing music video for "Bad Romance." Let's break it down:

Our heroine wakes up entombed in a white, sterile room:

Our heroine is bathed and prepared:

Our heroine is served up to a room of wealthy patrons with seemingly dastardly intentions and dances for them:

Our heroine turns the tables and kills her would-be devourers:

Obviously the two videos are not at all identical, but they have almost the exact same narriative. That doesn't make "Bon Appétit" any less entertaining, but it does back up those persistent claims that Perry isn't the most original artist. Still, "Bon Appétit" is shaping up to be one of the hottest songs of 2017.

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