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Björk's Social Media Advice Will Cure Your Anxiety


Where would we be without her?

These are stressful times--everyone's in agreement. There's obviously Trump and the endless political turmoil surrounding LGBTQ rights. Then there's the threat of world war, climate change, the impending apocalypse, robot takeover and social media universally destroying our ability to function in the real world.

Thankfully, if there's one person who could supply sound wisdom about how to calm these days, it's our Goddess Bjork. And as luck would have it, she just dropped some great advice on us all during her recent Pitchforkinterview.

"I try to look at [technology] as just as a tool," she said. "We've always had tools. We discovered how to work with fire, we made the first knife. The nuclear bomb comes and everybody's like, 'Oh, well, we could actually kill everybody.' We had to go through the morality of it. And so we have to react to that [with technology]."

But what about the crippling fear of social media ruining our lives, Bjork?

"I definitely do get anxious about it, but because I'm anxious about it, I try to come up with solutions. It's here: I'm not going to just put bananas in my ears and wait for it to go away," she said.

Okay. But the planet is dying and we're all going down with it.

"I feel guilty that I'm not just living in Iceland full-time, living on totally green energy and growing all my own vegetables. That's what we all should be doing. But I think the way to overcome environmental problems is with technology. What else are we going to use--sticks?"

So what do I do if I realize I've been sitting on Facebook the past 5 hours?

"You can be on Facebook for a long time, and then you get a feeling in your body like you've had three hamburgers. You know it's trash. I always advise my friends: just go for a walk for an hour and come back and see how you feel then. I think we're meant to be outdoors. I was brought up in Iceland, and even if it was snowing or raining, I would be outdoors all day."

And then here's just some of the best advice we've ever read:

"Entertain yourself. Do shit. I think we need to put humanity into technology--the soul. It's about using technology to get closer to people, to be more creative."

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