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Ivanka's Fur-Clad, Wine-Sipping, Smug AF Neighbor Is Your New American Folk Hero

ivanka trump dance party
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Davey Crockett—sit down, you basic bitch, it's time to hear the Legend of Diane Bruce and Her Magical Glass of Shiraz. 

Some heroes are born, others are made...and others still were just hanging out when the internet rolled up and said, "Get in, loser." Such a hero is Diane Bruce, a D.C./London resident captured gleefully basking in the shade of a big old queer dance party outside of Ivanka Trump's house.

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Like many heroes, D. Bruce's significance is far greater than even she could imagine. The kids at WERK for Peace, a "queer-based grassroots movement using all forms of dance to promote peace," held one of its tranquility turn-ups to protest President Trump's decision to plunge us all into an early, watery grave with his rollback of Obama's efforts to combat climate change.

Also citing Trump's removal of protections for federal LGBTQ employees and the confusing omittance of LGBTQ people from the census, the activists invited everyone to First Daughter/Secret First Lady Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner's home to "WERK for Mother Earth."

While the Trump-Kushners may have not been home to welcome the hundreds of revelers, their neighbors were--some none too happy about it, such as the 82-year-old who threatened to lay hands on these roudy rapscallions if they didn't get off his lawn.

But not Diane Bruce. Standing on her stoop, drinking--I'm gonna say her third glass of wine--and wrapped up in a fur coat, she watched with a bemused look on her face as the world burned around her. The Lady Bruce was the physical embodiment of "SAME."

With the interminable flood of disappointing news erupting out of Washington on a daily basis--and as Trump continues to fuck over the very people that voted for him--sometimes all you want to, or can do, is get your Diane Bruce on. So pour yourself a glass, throw on that old mink, and warm your hands on the inferno that was once America.

Cheers, queers!

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