X-Men's Iceman Is Getting Some Love in Gay Romeo & Juliet Plotline

romeo and iceman

After the most convoluted coming-out story since Colton Haynes, the X-Men's Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, is finally getting some strange. Some Inhuman strange. 

In All-New X-Men #13—by Dennis Hopeless, Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennesey, and Nolan Woodard—Bobby hits a gay bar with fellow X-babies Opa and Kid Apocalypse. He spits some game, but as so often happens in these situations, the young Iceman mucks it up when his powers decide to manifest themselves.

Romeo And Iceman 2

Embarrassed, Bobby runs out of the bar and into the arms of a tall, dark, and handsome thing named—wait for it—Romeo. 

Romeo And Iceman 3
But unlike most meet-cutes, Bobby and Romeo are interrupted by a monster—like, an actual monster. Romeo, it turns out, is an Inhuman, which is like a mutant but not. Mutants and Inhumans are sworn enemies, or something to that end, making Bobby and Romeo are star-crossed lovers in the spirit of Shakespeare's tragic young lovers.

Romeo And Iceman 4

For now, however, Bobby can delight in having scored Romeo's phone number, which (if this story is true to life) will be followed by a pic of that Inhuman D. 

[h/t] io9

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