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Beyoncé May Tolerate Pokémon Go at Her Concert—But Rihanna IS NOT HAVING IT

Beyoncé May Tolerate Pokémon Go at Her Concert—But Rihanna IS NOT HAVING IT

pokemon no

"She's next to the STAGE!"

Beyonce and Rihanna, pop's reigning divas, are both on tour, perhaps easing the long-festering tensions between the Beyhive and the RiRi Navy. For argument's sake, let's just say that they're both great and move on to what's really important: the scourge of Pokemon Go.

As, like, one of the three people on the planet who doesn't play Pokemon Go, I don't quite get the appeal. And I don't care to. I filled out my absentee ballot because I'm not here for it. But I won't begrudge anyone who is, though I will say that catching Pokemon is not appropriate in some places. The Holocaust Museum, for instance. Maybe go to a park instead. Just a thought.

During a concert by Queen Bey, surveyor and purveyor of all that is fierce, a fan took serious umbrage at a fellow member of the Hive, who apparently had better things to do.

She's lucky Solange never saw her. Side note I'm never showering again.

A video posted by Anand Desai-Barochia (@ananddb) on

He's understandably upset because A.) those tickets are not cheap, and B.) get your life! Catching Pokemon within the beatific presence of Beyonce is tantamount to heresy. And while one could argue that devoting time away from Bey to put some stranger on blast is also an affront to Mrs. Knowles-Carter, that Solange comment is accurate and therefore absolves him of any wrongdoing. After all, one of the benefits of living in Beyonce's shadow is the abundance of fucks not being given around the clock.

While Beyonce's patience may be as long as her flowing golden locks, Rihanna's is as thin as the blunt she smoked before getting on stage. To wit, RiRi let fans know that there will be no "Pokemons"--not in this bitch. Not on her watch.

Good for Rihanna for having the courage to stand up to this menace. See something, say something. Unless that something is a Pokemon, in which case:

rihanna no gif

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