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Exclusive: Big Freedia on Bounce, Beyoncé, and Ridiculous Bathroom Laws


"Whatever pronoun or bathroom they choose to use, let them live." 

Big Freedia has had a busy 2016. She was contacted by none other than the Queen B herself to appear on "Formation," held the first ever international twerk day, and, on June 8, will see Season 5 of her reality show Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce premiere on Fuse TV.

The bootylicious bounce star sat down with us to talk about everything from twerking to LGBT discrimination.

Out: What can fans expect to see in the new season of Queen of Bounce?

Big Freedia: New and exciting things! New music, new ventures, new relationship issues (some up and downs). The collaboration with Beyonce being one thing and so forth and so forth! You'll have to tune in to see!

Did it take you a while to get used to constantly being filmed?

Not really. At first, of course, anything takes getting use to. But by the camera crew being really nice guys I've gotten use to the cameras really easy and quickly through all the time we've spent together.

How have you been dealing with the extra attention from appearing on "Formation"?

I've been doing awesome! Career steady going up. I'm making power moves and I'm super excited about that. And I picked up more fans on the Queen B side. So, you know, more people knowing about Big Freedia--what more can I ask for?

How did the collabration with Beyonce come about?

I got the phone call that she wanted me to work on the track. The next day I laid down some vocals and sent it back and they loved it. She said she wanted something that represented New Orleans and Southern and that's what I gave them. The next few days later when my phone was blowing up I knew it had had to come out.

What is your favorite song on the radio right now to twerk to?

Rihanna's "Work."

How do you feel about the state of bounce music?

I feel really good about bounce music right now. We're steady growing and making people all around the world aware of the culture. I keep seeing it get bigger and bigger and growing to the audiences of the masses. Which is really exciting to keep seeing something that you've grown up to listening to as a kid and then grown to become one of the pioneers of the game and see it continue to grow.

In your last interview with Out, you talked about your perferred pronoun being "her." How do you feel as an LGBT member living in the south admist North Carolina's infamous bathroom bill?

It's a lot of bullshit, first and foremost. People are quick to judge about any and everything and this is just another thing they want to try to have control. I think they should just let people live and be themselves. Because at the end of the day people are still going to do what they want. We're still going to be around. We're not going anywhere. These politicians need to really think before they try to make these laws because all this will only start more controversy out there being that people don't want certain people in the LGBT community in certain areas or using certain bathrooms and so forth and so forth. Whatever pronoun or bathroom they choose to use, let them live.

Season 5 of Freedia: Queen of Bounce premieres Wednesday on Fuse at 11p/10c.

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