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Watch: Rachel Maddow On Alabama’s State Gov. in Shambles 

Watch: Rachel Maddow On Alabama’s State Gov. in Shambles

Rachel Maddow

And the drag queen who won’t be bullied by a state supreme court justice. 

Ah, sweet home Alabama. Where skies are blue, racism runs rampant, the domesticated turkey is one of the state birds, and State government is about to have three high-level vacancies.

In one corner we have Robert Bentley, governor extraordinaire, who is currently under investigation after news of his extramarital affair surfaced and for spending ten times as much at an annual republican governor's convention in Las Vegas as past governors. Hey, those Celine Dion meet-and-greets don't come cheap, and he even made her an "honorary Alabamian," which sounds like something no one ever actually wants.

The state's speaker of the house is under indictment on 23 different counts of corruption and, unfortunately, is the person needed to initiate an impeachment process on the governor. But why would he do that when he may need the governor during his grimy legal proceedings?

And last, but not least, we have State Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, who is in trouble after telling the state's lower courts to ignore rulings from higher ones - specifically the Supreme Court's decision on gay marriage. But Moore's public shame doesn't stop there. One of his most outspoken opponents is a drag queen named Ambrosia Starling, and Moore has singled her out multiple times, even calling her mentally ill. He must not have known that drag queens always talk back.

According the, Starling responded saying "I'm crazy for democracy. I'm insane for civil rights and better behavior. I am out of my mind when I see people losing their manners and disrespecting people they don't know."

Maddow closed the segment of her show by endorsing Ambrosia Starling for any one of the three governmental vacancies Alabama may soon have. Watch below.

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