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Sashay Away: Acid Betty on Reality TV, Prosthetics, and Summoning Her Goddess

Sashay Away: Acid Betty on Reality TV, Prosthetics, and Summoning Her Goddess


We caught up with the RuPaul's Drag Race season eight queen following her elimination.

This season of RuPaul's Drag Race finally culminated in the time-honored tradition of the Snatch Game. Although most of the impressions failed to impress, the queens had a chance to redeem themselves with the Madonna-themed runway challenge.

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Just by not showing up in a kimono, Acid Betty managed to stand out. Her "Bedtime Story" look was a relatively obscure nod to the singer that totally fit her brand of eccentric drag. Unfortunately, her Nancy Grace persona during the Snatch Game did not reach the desired effect.

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After lip syncing against Naomi Smalls, Acid Betty bid farewell to her fellow New York queens and the other contestants. It was probably the most shocking elimination this season. We caught up with Betty to talk about life after DragRace. Find out which queens inspire her:

How did you catch RuPaul's attention?

That's a good question. She actually said that she'd known of me for five years. So maybe I caught her attention the first season and she never cast me. I don't know. I think what I told her, and the reason that I got on this season, was I just really showed me on this audition tape. I was just bizarre and made fun of myself and I had a really good time. And I think that's why I got on this time. The other times, I think I was too serious and I was trying to do the things they wanted me to do instead of just being me.

So you're a very eccentric queen, which I love. How would you describe your inspiration or your creative process?

Well, I'd say my inspirations were originally legendary performers Joey Arias and Leigh Bowery, and I got to know Sherry Vine. She's the reason why I do drag. I always find people interesting who can transform themselves physically and also energy-wise when they just change their outfits and have different personas--like Kevin Aviance and Lady Bunny. So those are the kind of people I draw from. And then I just try to be myself and I summon this goddess and that's Betty. That's how she materializes.

What was it like seeing yourself on TV?

It was really weird. I'm glad I didn't look totally ugly. It was interesting. It was fun. Actually I was part of this reality TV generation. I watched RealWorld season one when it came out. So I think I always had reality TV on the brain and wanted to be a part of this experience.

If you had a second chance on RuPaul'sDragRace, what would you have done differently?

I would have packed more characters. Honestly, I was approved last minute. I would have had prosthetics and I would have done really funny shit. But it's all good.

What have you been up to since you left the show?

I've been working like a dog. I've been on tour all over this country and then I'm going to Europe. And I'm also working on podge art projects, and I want to release a show. It's called an art show but it's a combination of art and a performance, so I'll probably do that next year.

You talked about how the New York queens are kind of excluding of you. Is that still the case now that you've made it on the show and they see your skill?

No, everybody's telling me how much they love me. And honestly, people that I've known are all of a sudden talking like they have known me since we were children and have these personal stories, and in my head I'm thinking, "Well that's great because I've known you for years and you've never shared any of this with me and actually haven't been very kind." [laughs]

So who are you rooting for now?

I probably have to root for my New York girls. I really want Thorgy to go all the way because Thorgy is so fabulous and talented. She might be crazy and scatter-brained but she can perform the house down. I think she deserves it the most. But then when I met Chi Chi, I really related to her. That's my girl, and I told her from the very beginning, "I have my money on you. You're the one that's gonna work hard. You're the one that's gonna take it all the way to the end." I love Kim Chi as well. But I think she's gliding through right now and I think she can be more creative. Like girl, a kimono? As Madonna? Really girl?

The library is what? Get ready because weaves are going to be snatched. Catch all new episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race Mondays at 9/8c on Logo.

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