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WATCH: Lesbians Touch Penii, Gays Touch Boobs, World Collapses

gays touch boobs lesbians touch penis

We're about to get real public with some privates. 

Touching a penis. About half of the population does it everyday. The other half, well, they might not have one so easily at their disposal, but some ladies still find a phallus to fondle at some point in their lives.

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Yet some other ladies have not had the distinct dick-pleasure of (purposely) caressing a cock, so YouTubers Bria and Chrissy rectified that injustice by throwing together some gold star lesbians and some gay guy who really didn't have anything else going on.

The result: barriers were broken, bucket lists grew shorter, lesbianisms were confirmed and no one got slapped with a lawsuit.

And in the spirit of giving tit for tat, here are some queens toughening up for their inaugural boob brushes. Their mammary manipulations. Their...just watch the video:

Advocate Channel - HuluOut / Advocate Magazine - Jonathan Groff and Wayne Brady

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