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Your HTGAWM Season 2 Premiere GIF-cap 

Your HTGAWM Season 2 Premiere GIF-cap

Jack Falahee
Photo: ABC

All the parts that had us screaming at our television. Spoiler alert, obviously. 

When Peter Nowalk, the creator of How to Get Away With Murder, promised a strong sophomore showing, he may have been being modest.

If last night's season premiere was any indicator, Thursday nights for the rest of the fall will be filled with all-caps live-tweeting and inventive hashtags. #HTGAWtfIsGoingOn

The first season answered plenty of questions but, in true Shondaland fashion, left us with more. One of network television's favorite gay couples (well, one of ours at least), Connor and Oliver, had a lot up in the air with Oliver having just found out he was HIV-positive and Connor forced to deal with how much that scares him.

But last night it seemed that the promiscuous narcissist had chosen correctly, even though he still had to find a way to convince Oliver that this is what he wanted. Jack Falahee, Conrad Ricamora

Jack Falahee, Conrad Ricamora

GIF Source

Us too, Oliver.

Unfortunately Connor had just started his PrEP regiment and still had to wait another two weeks for it to reach full efficacy. Oh, and the Connor Walsh who in season one vehemently said he "doesn't do boyfriends?" Yeah, he's gone.

Nowalk kept another promise he made and finally gave us Frank (Charlie Weber) shirtless. It was only for a moment, and he turned away Laurel because, as usual, she's figuring things out, but luckily the moment will live on in perpetuity.

Charlie Weber

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Of course, no collective shriek during the entire episode was louder than when this happened:

Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) was just casually revealed to be bisexual without any preamble and only the skeleton of a backstory (she left Famke Janssen's character for Sam). This is the way TV, and life for that matter, should be, and every other gay-baiting show should take note.

After all the drama, Annalise finally put on one of Beyonce's wigs from Dreamgirls and took her favorite students, who happen to be her favorite accessories to murder, out to the club and bought them shots. Murder hard, play hard - right?

Viola Davis

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You thought that was the end? Nope. Similar to last year, we were given a "2 months later" flash-forward at the end of the episode that will likely be pieced together each week similar to Lila's death last year. Except this time around, someone shot Annalise and Wes is running away looking like the obvious suspect - so it probably isn't him.

Oh, and Bonnie also finally grew a pair and was the one who murdered Rebecca.

Until next Thursday!

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