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Watch: Todrick Hall Takes on All the Haters of the World

todrick hall

Returning to his high school and Texas hometown, Todrick also officially came out to his younger brother.

As we mentioned last week in a sneak peek clip, in the second episode of Todrick, Todrick Hall's new MTV show, he returned to Plainview, Texas, where he grew up and graduated from high school. In one emotional scene, he chats with his younger brother Shay and discusses the fact that he's gay. "As long as you're a good person, I think that's what matters," Todrick says to Shay.

As he told MTV: "I think people just need to find the one family member they can talk to and be honest with them. Not acknowledging it and not being able to talk to my brother was giving it power -- as if there's something wrong or negative about it."

The video, filmed in the halls of his old high school, is for a new upbeat track titled "Haterz." "There are some people who are just set in their ways," Hall explains. "Instead of giving them energy and time and responding, I just wanted a song they could play and jam out to."

Reflecting on the episode after it aired, Todrick said:

"I already knew that my brother knew... he follows me on Instagram and I'm very honest about my sexual preference. But, I feel that sometimes coming out is just the first part of the battle; coming out and then not acknowledging your sexuality or being comfortable with discussing it with your family is a huge problem. I needed to address the situation so my brother and I could really get to know one another and be completely open with each other. Now I feel like we can."

Todrick airs Mondays, 10 p.m. ET on MTV. Watch "Haterz" below:

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