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Do You Get Laid More Than Your Favorite Golden Girl? Find Out!

Golden Girls

Scale runs from Sophia to Blanche, but you knew that. 

Before there was Sex and the City, before there was Girls, there was Golden Girls, a show about 4 single women trying to make the most of love, sex, and friendship. Smartly written, superbly acted, and sexually unabashed, the show proved that there is such a thing as sex after 40...and there was sex after 40...a lot of it.

Our friends at Refinery 29 crunched the numbers, tallying every instance orthopedic boot knocking and we're bringing you the results.

No. 4: Sophia Petrillo.

Dorothy's mom grew up in more conservative times and was too young to reap the benefits of the sexual revolution. Known for her proclivity to...shall we say embellish her stories, it's unlikely that she really got it on with Benito Mussolini, Sigmund Freud, or Robert Frost. Furthermore, she was married to Sal for a good while and seemed to have been pretty faithful.

Total: 25, including husband.

No. 3: Rose Nylund

You probably could have called this one. Betty White's Rose didn't get around too much on the show--though she is the first Golden Girl to have sex on the show; she got together up with Arnie, the first guy she sleeps with following her husband's death. That being said, the sweet lady from St. Olaf, Minnesota did manage to net a respectable number of suitors.

Total: 30 including husband, 86 if you include old boyfriends who she didn't have sex with.

No. 2: Dorothy Zbornak

Dorothy may have made jokes about being in a perpetual dry spell, but Sophia's daughter didn't do too badly in Miami. After breaking it off with her cheating ex, Stan, the wise cracking substitute teacher still got a good amount of action before marrying Blanche's uncle Lucas in the series finale.

Total: 43, including husband.

No. 1: Blanche Devereaux

Who didn't see this one coming? The amorous southern belle went through men the way most people go through packs of gum. In season 6, Blanche stated that she had 143 relationships, but the end number is much higher than that. I'll let it speak for itself, but Blanche Devereaux is who I aspire to be in my golden years.

Total: 165 including husband, plus unspecified partners.

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