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Exclusive: Watch Rolemodel's 'Teen Idol' Video


It may seem a bit moody for the summer jam season, but Rolemodel's "Teen Idol," from its forthcoming EP, Claire, is sort of the sticky, hazy, dreamy thing that gets stuck in your mind on a humid July afternoon.

“I think the subconscious is where a lot of music comes from,” Rolemodel front man Jordan Allen recently told Flavorwire. “I’m slightly obsessive when it comes to dreams and analyzing how they relate to life and emotions in the real world. Sometimes they’re really interesting and deep, and other times they’re hilarious and utterly ridiculous. Music is no different, in my mind.”

So we're wondering what he's channeling in this video — things get a little strange as Mr. Allen gets a drag makeover (do we detect a hint of Lolita with those red heart sunglasses?) and then things get, well, sloppy. Plus: Sparklers!
More on Rolemodel here. Watch the "Teen Idol" video below:

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