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EXCLUSIVE: Watch The Trailer For HBO's Larry Kramer In Love & Anger


Photo by Benedict Evans for The Advocate 

When HIV/AIDS broke out in the early 1980s, the LGBT community battled to get support from an unresponsive government in the search for a cure. Luckily, they had a prophet, Larry Kramer, who has rallied gay activists and their allies for decades to make things change.

A divisive figure, known as both egotistic and selfless, angry and inspiring, rude and caring, Kramer turns 80 this month. In his honor, HBO is releasing Larry Kramer In Love & Anger, a feature-length documentary on the activist's life.

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The documentary offers a vivid portrait of Kramer and his personal life, linking the past and present together through recent interview footage, in which the activist reminisces on his work. The man who took the weight of a monumental cause upon his shoulders is quick to dismiss the importance his role, saying:

"I just did it. No one else was speaking out. I had a voice and a certain recognizability in the gay population. Someone had to do it."

Larry Kramer In Love & Anger premieres on HBO on June 29 at 9 p.m. Watch the trailer below:

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