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Giorgio Moroder and Sia Share Their New 'Déjà Vu' Video

Giorgio Moroder and Sia have just posted the video for “Déjà Vu,” the recently released title track from Moroder’s new album—and pity the poor dude in it. The lovesick suitor can’t seem to catch a break. He’s spilling milk. He’s toppling over into swimming pools. He’s being teased, tormented, and smacked around by a pack of moody temptresses. And where the hell is the concierge when he checks into his fancy boutique hotel?

As usual, Sia is nowhere to be found (nor is her usual stand-in, dancer Maddie Ziegler). Instead, we get a bunch of mysterious pseudo-Sias: Sias in fringe, Sias in lace, Sias blowing glitter, Sias waving their smudge sticks around, getting all voodoo-y. But Moroder does make a cameo, showing up as a sage old cabbie. “The girls are like a shadow,” he intones. “If you follow them, they flee. If you flee, they follow you.”

The clip’s proceedings are as bewitching as the single itself, a slice of zippy, joyous disco that showcases Sia’s undeniable pipes and Moroder’s now-legendary production work. Its title, “Déjà Vu,” is fitting. Expect to be hearing this song again and again this summer.

Moroder’s new album, Déjà Vu, is out June 12.

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