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Ready for More Hunting Season?

Hunting Season

It’s finally coming! The second season of the raunchy, popular TV series Hunting Season (included in our Ultimate Queer Web Series guide) is premiering on May 5 on Vimeo on Demand.  

The show navigates the landscape that we currently live in of trying to grow and cultivate a relationship in a world of dating apps and hyper-connectivity. The first season followed blogger Alex (Ben Baur) and the sex blog he'd been keeping since he broke up with his boyfriend two years ago as a means to analyze what the hook-up environment of New York City is like.

After accruing more than two million views across multiple platforms its first season, it almost looked like a second one wasn’t going to happen. But after a successful Kickstarter campaign raised $150,000, a follow-up was put back on track. Though the first season ran with a short web series format, the second will have longer run-times across four episodes.

The episodes, to be released every Tuesday, will cost $4.99 to purchase or $2.99 to rent. If you haven’t watched the first season for some reason, you can watch all eight episodes here

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