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13 Moments That Made The Empire Finale The Best Show on Television

13 Moments That Made The Empire Finale The Best Show on Television

Empire finale

Someone's dead, someone's pregnant, someone's in jail and Cookie looked amazing the entire time. We're breaking down the Empire finale, one GIF at a time. 


TV hasn't had a bonafide phenomenon since, well, Glee, so it's fitting that as that Empire closes out its juggernaut first season as Glee whimpers to a finale this week. With expectations and ratings high, Lee Daniels and co. did not disappoint with one of the most over-the-top, twisty, turny finales to grace television in a good while. Let's take a look at the best and baddest moments.


1. Lucious is free of not only ALS but also any remaining fucks he might've had.


2. Serial scene-stealers Becky and Porsha snatched one for the road.


3. Jamal got real hard, real quick -- dangling Judd Nelson over a balcony.


Then feeling his oats, he served butch queen first time in do-rags at a tribute concert.

mic drop

4. Noted cougar hound Hakeem dropped the mic...


Then dropped trou with Anika. Is this the start of Anikeem? Hakina?

hate singing

5. Lucious and Jamal got weirdly close after hate-singing to each other.


6. Rhonda was brought back for 5 minutes basically just to kill Malik Yoba and reveal that she's -- gasp -- pregnant.

jamal + ryan

7. In possibly the gayest montage of all time, Jamal and Ryan got it on gratuitously...


While JHud belted to the heavens with a rainbow flag waving in the forefround. Well-played, Lee Daniels.

cookie furs

8. Cookie raided her fur vault.

gay fan

9. Jamal inspired a gay fan...


Then schooled an anti-gay foe.


10. Patti LaBelle blessed us with her presence.

hakeem shirtless

11. Hakeem stripped down and oiled up to pump out a few curls.

game time

12. After Andre and Hakeem turned him into the feds, Lucious set the stage for season two -- from behind bars.

fight 1

fight 2

13. And finally, the main event. The rumble in the jumpsuit. The thrilla in Manolos. The girl without the pearl necklace.


After a season of shade, side-eyes and sassy comments, Anika and Cookie finaly threw down in the greatest catfight since Krystle and Alexis tussled into the pool.

fight 3

Perhaps in a knowing homage, Cookie and Anika took it to the pool table.

fight 4

Well, Cookie took it to the pool table, bodyslamming poor Anika and nearly choking her to death. You shoulda just stayed down, Anika girl.


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