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Sordid, Scandalous, and Sexy: Here Comes The Royals

Sordid, Scandalous, and Sexy: Here Comes The Royals


The new drama premieres Sunday, March 15 on E!

There is anarchy in the world's most famous monarchy, and E! has the exclusive scoop. Peppered with political backstabbing, sexual blackmail, and a whole lot of drugs and alcohol, The Royals is about to make Sunday evenings a lot more exciting. For the network's first scripted drama, Mark Schwahn (the creator of One Tree Hill) is responding to America's obsession with all things regal by serving up a show dripping in jewels and privilege, sex and rock and roll. For royalty, nothing is too extravagant or too exclusive, and that makes for tantalizing soap-opera style television.

King Simon, played by Vincent Regan, is a well-intentioned, decent man, which is why he gets a bit overshadowed by his family. Before tomorrow's premiere, here's a brief run down of the royal family Britain is probably very happy not to actually have:

Royal 3

Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) runs her family like the multi-million dollar business they are. While glimpses of soft maternal love escape through her icy and flawless exterior, she's a woman used to being in charge, and used to getting her way.

Prince Liam (William Moseley) was the fun-loving, womanizing second son without a care in the world. But when tragedy hits the monarchy, propelling him to the position of heir apparent and next in line to the throne, he needs to try and tame his wild ways and learn to wear the crown with dignity... something easier said than done.

Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) is the wild child. Smart and insightful, she's very much her mother's daughter and is equally used to getting exactly what she wants. Those wants usually revolve around drugs, champagne, and men, but when she finds herself being taken advantage of, she gets her first major experience of the pitfalls of royalty.

Royalless 3

Prince Cyrus (Jake Maskall) and his daughters, from left to right, Princesses Penelope (Lydia Rose Bewley) and Maribel (Hatty Preston), provide the surest evidence that privilege can sometimes be a curse. Cyrus, King Simon's brother, has a constant craving for power, and seems to be willing to do just about anything to improve his station. His daughters, on the other hand, are complete ditzes who have never had to work for anything in their lives. When that lifestyle appears threatened, they have trouble even comprehending what the world outside the palace might be like.

The Royals premieres Sunday, March 15 at 10pm on E! And to get ready for the royal invasion, watch a clip from the first episode below:

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