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Reading Drag Race: A Glamazonian Gay Getaway, or, Blowing Disses in the Wind

Reading Drag Race: A Glamazonian Gay Getaway, or, Blowing Disses in the Wind


The queens take flight while some are left stranded on the runway.


The Workroom:

Following last week's elimination of noted fetus-dropper Tempest DuJour, Violet Chachki showed us all the definition of sore winner when she did the unspeakable and spoke out against America's sweetheart.

Violet v Michelle 1

The queens were "shocked" and "appalled," though Max, as usual, had the best reaction.

Max gasp

Those eyebrows. That lip. That bemused terror. Real talk, Max is becoming my go-to gay for any and all responses to life's questions. He's basically what would happen if a crazy cat lady, Julie Newmar and Morrissey somehow managed to conceive a child. And that's just out of drag.


Meanwhile, Pearl is pissed that Sasha Belle had the rouged cheek to throw her under the bus when Ru asked who should pack their shit and get the fuck out. That's when the library card came out and Pearl checked out a worn copy of Oh No She Didn't.

Pearl read

And then Moby showed up. For some reason. When this season of Drag Race ends, he and Ru should take their act on the road.

Moby and Ru

The Mini-Challenge

The pint-sized DJ was there to help introduce this week's terrifying mini-challenge. Getting blown in the face. Hard.

Oh Moby

Oh, Moby! So adorable, right? And then things took a dark and jowly turn.


fame blown

Miss Fame finally stopped resting on pretty.

jasmine blown

Jasmine served Sheneneh realness.

moby blown

Moby almost immediately regretted this.

trixie blown

And in the end, Trixie...

ginger blown

...and Ginger won, making them team captains. The girls then chose their teammates, leaving two queens standing in the darkness of their own shade.

violet and kandy

Violet and Kandy surely must have known why they were the last, surly girls picked.

violet doesn't understand

Ah, there's that self-awareness. Though fierce, I reiterate, no one likes a cocky queen.

Very Special Moment:

fame husband

Miss Fame misses her husband and talks about her difficult childhood, which brought her to tears.


And Violet shows that she indeed does have a heart beating in that frail body.

Shadiest Moment:

minj shade

Seems like everyone's rushing to comfort Miss Fame, including Trixie Mattel, but Ginger Minj has a pursed lip with Trixie's name on it.

The RuVeal:


A plum choice.

The Main Stage:

This week's challenge was all over the place. The queens had to perform what appeared to be an off-off-Broadway musical about an air safety video.


On their way to an underwear convention, the two teams were already unevenly matched. The first number had a long, boring monologue that Katya understandably messed up since she probably fell asleep somewhere in the middle of it.


And then the second team came strutting out. Because this is how you make an entrance -- a tandem power strut.


With Ginger Minj leading the crusade.

swing it





This adorable pit crew member knows the score and is having the time of his life.

However, breaking from tradition, Ru decided to judge the girls not as a team, but as individuals -- so it was every queen for herself. For my money, Mrs. Kasha Davis stole the show.


Maybe this time she'll be lucky. Maybe this time she'll win.

The Runway

Category is: Jet Set Eleganza.


Katya is givving you Jackie O by way of Amber in Clueless.

Pearl walk

Pearl in a casual bustier and transparent harem pant.

pearl runway

Looking for the competition. Where are they, girlfriend?

max runway

Oh, there she is.

kennedy runway

Kennedy Janet Jackson Davenport. What have you done for me lately? This S curl.

Best Runway Read:

Michelle Visage is really owning the other judges. I mean, as usual. But little Jordin Sparks is so obviously glad to be there, that she's too busy queening out to really lay into any of the girls.


Carson and guest judge, noted legend Olivia Newton-John, are sweet, leaving Michelle to bring the sour. Oh, but her sour is so, so sweet. This week La Visage took Mrs. Kasha Minnelli Davis to task for her interpretation of "Jet Set Eleganza."

kasha read


Even Mrs. Davis had to give her that one.


What time is it? A half past step your game up.

Most Improved:

kandy beardless

Kandy shaved her beard!


ginger runway

Ginger Minj won in spite of her Elizabeth Taylor-inspired air wear, but mostly for rising to the challenge and leading her team to victory.

my gay getaway

I wish her the best on Her Gay Getaway.

Life-Giving Lip Synch Moment

These bitches are wasting no time with the splits. After Kandy spread her eagle last week, Katya gave us the season's first homicide by jump split.

jump split

Katya will get off with good behavior, though. She was just doing what it took to stay this competition.


But it turns out Sasha still had some fight in her, so Katya sent an aftershock with a slow-motion split.

slow split

Delivering the final death blow while serving epic face.

face split

You'll be missed Sasha. Pearl was especially devastated.

pearl goodman

Parting Words:


Sasha away, Sashay. Or something like that.

Les Fabian Brathwaite, your gay getaway.

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