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Brandon Routh Loves His Gay Fans

Brandon Routh Loves His Gay Fans

Brandon Routh

From Superman, to Michael Urie’s boyfriend, to The Atom, Brandon Routh (and his arms) have kept our interest.

Brandon Routh may have hung up his cape after his portrayal of Clark Kent in Superman Returns, but apparently the Spandex is a little harder to give up.

Routh recently spoke to Xfinity about his new role as Ray Palmer, a.k.a. "The Atom," in The CW's Arrow. A verifiable genius who invents a way to shrink himself down to any size, Palmer brings a lighter tone to the show's broody atmosphere and is cozying up to everyone, especially Felicity.

Between super-powered stints as Superman, Todd Ingram, the vegan evil ex from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and now The Atom, Routh kept his gay fans on the hook by playing Michael Urie's boyfriend, Wyatt, in the short-lived sitcom, Partners. He's well aware of that part of his fan base and loves the compliments he gets about the show when he's at conventions for his other roles, and wishes he could have played Wyatt longer. As Routh explains:

"We still need more of that as thankfully, the world, society, is coming to a more rational thought process about sexuality. It's like, 'Come on people, just relax already and live your life and forget other people.' Don't worry what other people are doing, not hurting you, and I've been happy and honored to play the characters that I've played and really truly wished I could have played Wyatt a lot longer. I had such fun with that character and working with the fabulously talented Michael Urie and David [Krumholtz] and Sophia [Bush] and Max [Mutchnick, co-creator] and David [Kohan, co-creator] and everybody. That was one of those that still, we were on the right recipe and such a good family."

Read Routh's full interview with Xfinity here.

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