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Jon Stewart Wraps Mike Huckabee’s Homophobic Shrimp In Gay Bacon

Daily Show Jon Stewart Mike Huckabee

The Daily Show skewers the wannabe politico pundit

Presidential also-ran and seamstress to America's very fabric, Mike Huckabee has never been one for logical rhetoric, so his latest comments on gay marriage shouldn't come as a surprise. Yet here we are.

The author of God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy pulled out the old "I have gay friends" card out of the deck before comparing Bible-thumping bakeries forced to serve gay couples to Jewish delis having to serve bacon-wrapped shrimp." Surprise!

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart was quick to note that Huckabee, stickler to tradition that he is, "makes no fucking sense" and admonished him for assuming all Jews own delis. "Some of us," Stewart added, "are lawyers who represent deli owners."

Jon, however, was forced to confront his own bigotry when he interviewed "the Biblical abomination that is bacon-wrapped shrimp," voiced by TDS's Sam Bee. Turns out bacon-wrapped shrimp have feelings too. Gay feelings. And it turns out Mike Huckabee actually does have gay friends, or at least one very vocal one on Twitter who happens to resemble Buddy Cole.

Meanwhile, Dan Savage also came out of the closet as a friend of Huckthy's:

So this is how Mike Huckabee finally learned what a Santorum was. Suffice to say he'll never look at old Rick the same way again. Check out Jon Stewart, Mike Huckabee and a gay bacon-wrapped shrimp debate marriage equality below:

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