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Is Your Friend Claire Actually Chris Hemsworth in Drag?

chris hemsworth claire snl

Chris Hemsworth hosted SNL this weekend and the most popular topic of discussion was how hot Chris Hemsworth was—a topic I can always support. Hemsworth had a few things to say about his own hotness in the guise of Claire, a hulking, handsome woman just having a kiki with her best "bitches" at brunch.

chris hemsworth snl claire gif

You got it, Claire. 

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Chris also reprised the "Brother 2 Brother" sketch with Taran Killam as his "identical" twin brother, which was worth it not only for Chris Hemsworth in a singlet—

chris hemsworth snl gif

But also for a room full of dudes chatting about how big and muscular Chris Hemsworth's butt is.

Now that's what I call must-see TV....

chris hemsworth snl gif

Les Fabian Brathwaite—Paul Rudd in Clueless IS classic hot.

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