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Ed Weeks Wants to Write the Next Great Lesbian-Themed Sitcom

Ed Weeks Mindy Project

Are you ready for a sitcom with a lesbian lead character? Ed Weeks, who plays Dr. Jeremy Reed on The Mindy Project, has co-written a new series about "the co-dependent relationship between a lesbian lothario and her cautious, straight male best friend," according to an announment today on Deadline. Called Wing Man, the show has been picked up by ABC. 

Although very little is known about the show, it was co-written by Weeks and fellow LondonerHannah Mackay, who currently produces the dark British comedy Peep Show, now in its final season. Just yesterday the UK newpaper The Independent published a tribute to Peep Show's "12 years of brilliant writing, inedible characters, and excruciating moments." 

We're not sure if the lesbian charcter or the straight guy in the show is the titular 'wing man,' but it could be something to watch. Straight guy writing lesbian leads has offered pause in the past but after Weeks's work on The Mindy Project, now in its fourth season on Hulu, he has at least some experience with girl/girl stories—remember that kiss from season 3? And following her success with Peep Show, Mackay seems to know what she's doing. Let's hope they nail it!

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