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Brian Sims Rips Republicans For Hiding Positive Corona Results

LGBTQ+ PA State Rep. Brian Sims goes on epic expletive-laden rant after learning GOP colleagues hid one of their member's COVID exposure and illness.

After GOP lawmaker Andrew Lewis went to work for a week keeping the results a secret, Sims is calling for resignations.

Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims went on an epic expletive-laden rant on Facebook Live after learning GOP colleagues hid the illness and positive corona test results of one of their members, State Representative Andrew Lewis. Sims also revealed he donated a kidney earlier this year, putting him at far greater risk, and called on the GOP leadership to resign.

"It's not your business to put my life at risk!" Sims said in the 12-minute video. "It's not your business to put the lives of the children of our members at risk."

The post came after Sims learned Lewis had tested positive following a brief illness, and chose to notify only a small circle of Republican friends and colleagues. Sims called on the Speaker of the House Mike Turzai to resign for not letting others know. and demanded an investigation into the matter.

"RESIGN: Today we learned that House Speaker @MikeTurzai has known that Republican Members have either tested positive, or been quarantined, and withheld this information from Democrats including those of us who serve on the committees with those members!" Sims wrote to Twitter.

In a thread on Twitter, Sims provided more details about his kidney donation. The recipient lived in the same community and was dying of renal failure. Sims was a near perfect match.

"In late January I secretly donated a kidney to a person who lives about 10 blocks from me in the City," he wrote. "He was dying of renal failure and I turned out to be a near perfect match. I spent several days in the hospital and several days with fifth a friend before returning home." As a result of the recent donation, Sims would be at increased risk of that viruses like the one at the center of the global pandemic, could impact his immune system more substantially than others.

In a Facebook Live post, the politician sought to to expose the differences between Democrats in the state legislature and his Republican colleagues.

"The difference is values and credibility," Sims explained. "And every single day that I've shown up at this gerrymandered legislature, I knew that the Republican leadership that was out there was fake and it was false and it was looking out for itself. But I never ever ever knew that the Republican leadership of this state would put so many of us at risk for partisanship, to cover up a lie. And that lie is we're safe from COVID, that lie is that social distancing isn't important."

For their part, Lewis and his colleagues continue to insist their actions were appropriate and that Sims and his fellow Democrats are overreacting.

"I only interacted with a couple of people," Lewis revealed via Facebook Live. "I did what I needed to do to protect their privacy. They've had time to get their test and all those things."

GOP lawmaker Russ Diamond seemed unconcerned after being called out personally by Sims.

"Lefties whine because I self-quarantined but didn't get tested after possible COVID "contact." Confirmed by my doc: No reason for testing, even if I could get tested without symptoms. I feel like a million bucks! Well, $500k after lefties tax me."

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