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Pete Buttigieg Is Back on Fox Destroying Trump and Conservatives

Pete Buttigieg and Chris Wallace on Fox News

The former presidential candidate says it's time to "turn the page" on the "chaos" of Trump.

Former mayor Pete Buttigieg has fashioned himself into an invaluable tool for Joe Biden's go at the presidential nomination. In a few short weeks, he has become the spokesperson of choice, dispatched to enter the conservative lion's den known as Fox News to do some heavy lifting. And he's done that well, often leaving hosts at a loss for words. Sunday, he was called on again.

In an appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Buttigieg found himself having to defend his own statements against Biden. Wallace played a series of clips from the primary, where Buttigieg was facing off against Biden. At the time, he said that Biden "supported the worst foreign policy decision made by the United States in my lifetime, which was the decision to invade Iraq."

Buttigieg, who has long been quick on his feet, stood by his stance, going so far as to say that Biden also has described the invasion as a mistake. But he went further, pivoting as any good surrogate should.

"But we're not going to take lessons on Iraq policy from this current president who can barely keep straight what's going on in the Middle East and is a destabilizing force literally everywhere he goes," he chuckled. "Right now, it's 2020 and the choice has come down to Joe Biden who I enthusiastically support and Donald Trump who has been a disaster in every foreign and every issue and policy of state. We can't go on with four more years of this chaos, of this cruelty, and that's why more and more Americans, a remarkable coalition of -- yes, democrats like me, -- Independents and an amazing number of Republicans are coming together to say we back Joe Biden, it's time to end the Trump presidency and move on."

Wallace was undaunted and pressed on drudging up other old comments. He played another clip where Buttigieg said we needed to "leave the past in the past" and "bring change to Washington before it's too late." The host likened the points to Trump rhetoric that won him support.

"Well what I know is we definitely need to turn the page even more now than when I was running for president a year ago," Buttigieg said. "and what we need to turn the page from is a president who is incapable of handling a public health crisis that has now cost almost a quarter of a million, thrown our economy into a total wreckage and has clearly no plan to do anything about it. So yes, let's turn the page."

The interview continued, Buttigieg noting that the choice between Biden and Trump is "stark." When Wallace changed the conversation to Amy Coney Barrett, Buttigieg did as well, turning his attention to the Republican-controlled Senate.

"There's an enormous amount of frustration that this Senate can't even bring itself, under Mitch McConnell, to vote through a [pandemic] relief package," he said. "Right now people are suffering, people are hurting. There is no clear end in sight. There was a bill brought to them months ago, coming out of the House. They won't touch it, they won't do anything but suddenly they have time to rush through a nomination that Americans don't want."

Towards the end of the interview, Wallace asked Buttigieg if he wanted a seat in a possible Biden administration. Sadly, the answer wasn't extremely revealing.

"I will go wherever I'm useful," he said. "And right now, for the next 16 days I can be useful here in Michigan and other swing states because America can't go on like this, this chaos can't continue, this division can't continue, and continuing to settle for the worst pandemic response in the developed world can't continue."

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