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Palm Springs

Palm Springs Gay Pride is the stuff of legend -- and there's a reason why. With its trendy, upscale shopping, several gay clothing-optional resorts, vibrant local eateries, and stunning vistas (the whole city rests in the shade of a snow-capped mountain), Palm Springs is California's must-see, sexually-charged desert oasis, conveniently located two hours south of Los Angeles. Whether you're looking to rent one of the many modern houses (usually with accompanying swimming pool) or spend the weekend at the steamy Canyon Club Hotel, Palm Springs is the place to get away from it all -- and cruise to your heart's content. Out has all the best travel tips for your gay Palm Springs getaway.

Ava Max is headlining White Party Palm Springs 2024 (EXCLUSIVE)

White Party Palm Springs 2024 will take place between March 29-31.

Watch Out100 Star Gracie Cartier Feel Refreshed at Palm Springs Pride

In a BTS video, the Transcend host takes us to Palm Springs Pride. 

3 Houses in Palm Springs That Perfectly Define Desert Modernism

The beauty of this desert is in the details.

Christy Holstege Is the First Bisexual Mayor Elected in Nation

The new mayor of Palm Springs will also be the first female in the position.

Artifact: Palm Springs Architecture

From the Palm Springs desert rose a Palm Springs helped launch an entire architectural movement.

Palm Springs Gay History Revealed

"It was the sexual freedom that was the most popular draw of Palm Springs..."

7 Reader Picks For Palm Springs Visitors

Readers help us plan our next visit to the Coachella Valley.

16 Palm Springs Treks Out Of The Pool

Some hiking, biking and climbing are good for what ails you.

Out's Favorite Oases In Palm Springs

Though originally built for California's leisure class, Palm Springs has become more accessible in recent years, allowing travelers from all walks of life a chance to revel in the desert breeze.